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The Bucket Retirement Plan

A Winning Strategy for a Low-Stress Retirement

Helping people prepare for the retirement they've always dreamed of is a passion of mine. Whether or not someone is a client, I like to share the ideas that have helped me find success in this field, and that's why "The Bucket Retirement Plan" means so much to me. - Kory Holker

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About My Book

How do you know when you’re ready to retire comfortably, without the frequent concern that you’ll run out of money? You’ll know when you can safely retire after you have a complete retirement income plan that accounts for your spending, taxes, long-term care, and estate planning.
This book presents a straightforward retirement planning approach to start you on your journey to a low-stress retirement. Allocating your assets into three “buckets” is a simple way to visualize how you can use your money to enjoy your retirement. This is the first step in completing your retirement income plan.

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